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mobile concrete batching plant for sale Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Abstract: Hangzhou Engineering Truck Co.,Ltd is one of the best mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with factory of our own. Welcome to buy or wholesale mobile batching plant, mobile concrete batch plant, mobile concrete batching plants from us, we have products for sale.


HANGZHOU ENGINEERING can easily supply the customers with Stationary batching plant in different capacities and specifications.
HANGZHOU ENGINEERING has a wide range of Stationary Type batching plant for customers' choice which has production capacity from 30m³/h to 240m³/h with one mixer and the capacity from 120m³/h to 300m³/h in Stationary Type batching plant with double mixers on the same chassis.
HANGZHOU ENGIEERING Stationary Type batching plant are mostly preferred for high capacity concrete production requirements, for special projects and for the projects which need a long time in the same location.
HANGZHOU ENGIEERING specially design the Stationary Type batching plant in limited areas to maximize benefits of the customer and makes special designs upon customer requests.
HANGZHOU ENGIEERING has been producing Stationary Type batching plant with high quality and advanced technology for more than 20 years.
Stationary Type batching plant provide below given advantages to the concrete producers
1. High Production Performance
2.High quality, environmental protection and precise concrete production (with Fully Automatic Computerized Control System):
The concrete batching plants (towers) of high quality, energy conservation and environmental protection provide strong guarantee for environment-friendly and qualified concrete production.
The green enclosed gravel transfer conveyor system decrease maximally noise pollution. Negative pressure pulse bag file has complete solve the problems of flying dust in the air and environmental pollution during the production and effectively save the energy and protect the surroundings. Wet concrete separating and recycling equipments have adopted a solid layout to form a complete enclosed system for sewage treatment and gravel recycling, which ensures green energy-saving production. Theconcrete batch plant have adopted highly reliable auto microcomputer control system and advanced "industrial computer + PLC+ screen display mode" in which the lower PLC implements signal sampling and output control and the upper computer dynamically displays production procedure and management as well as meters display each weighting data of material. And the overall system can realize full automation, manual control, easy operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expansion.
3. Different production capacity and configuration options according to customer requirements.
4. Reliable and qualified components
High precision measuring system and the components for measurement, control and signal transfer have adopted imported world-known brands and precise sensors, imported micro computer control and single weighting (or accumulative weighting) for material have ensured stable performance and accurate calculation. High transfer speed is added by special designed screw conveyor for powder transfer and variable pitch blades while hydraulic butterfly valves with tight seal bestow reliable action.
5. Conformity with CE (Europe), GOST-R (Russia) standards.
6. Easy maintenance and low operating cost.

Technical parameters for the batching plant

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Contact Person: MAXWELL
Tel: 0571-83696958
Add: Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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