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Garbage Vehicle
Abstract: Hangzhou Engineering Truck Co.,Ltd is one of the best garbage vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with factory of our own. Welcome to buy or wholesale garbage vehicle, garbage vehicles from us, we have products for sale.

The Garbage Collection transportation Vehicle is mainly applied to horizontal direct pressure type waste transfer station, conjoined type rubbish compressed box and other products, used to transfer loading into various dustbin of garbage, vehicle transfer high efficiency, environmental protection performance good on the way.
 Garbage collection vehicles consist of vehicle chassis, pull-arm institutions, electro-hydraulic control system, etc, it can easy to load various of carriage and equipments. garbage collection vehicles has the model complete, wide application rage, performance stable and reliable, the main supporting used for mobile conjoined compression box, horizontal direct pressure type waste transfer station and garbage disposal equipment, that is a kind of ideal choice for the city sanitation department, all kinds of enterprises.
Technical characteristics for Garbage Collection transportation Vehicle
Vehicle chassis by dongfeng, Jiefang, Sinotruk, domestic well-known manufacturers of the latest II class chassis refitting, reliable performance;Pulling arm body from Germany GERGEN, mature technology, reliable performance;Equipment electrical and hydraulic components are well-known international brand, with a long product life, low failure rate;Equipment electro- hydraulic control system user-friendly design, flexible manipulation;Supporting a large volume, transport efficiency, cars with a taper design, ease of dumping;Supporting compartment with fully sealed design, with a "B-type"silicon rubber seal and the real of the large capacity storage tank "double"seal structure,no secondary pollution during waste transportation;All structural parts are after blasting, blasting, spraying paint adopt the Dutch Nobel internationally renowned brands, or COSCO Kansai Companies heavy protective anticorrosive marine paint.
 Technical parameters for the Garbage Collection transportation Vehicle






Chassis Model


Chassis Manufacturer


Outer dimension(mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Number of Axle


Tare weight(Kg)




Engine model/Engine power(kw)

ISBE185 30/136 
       ISDe180 30/132 
       ISDe185 30/136 
       ISDe210 30/155

Fuel type


Vehicle emission standard

National III

Spec. of Tyre


Max. Speed(km/h)




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Contact Person: MAXWELL
Tel: 0571-83696958
Add: Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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